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Amprobe EV Charging Station Test Adapter Kit


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Test Adapter Kit for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Compatible with Fluke 1664FC 

Get access to the socket-outlets of a charging station to perform safety and functional tests, while simulate presence of an electrical vehicle
The EV-500 Series Test Adapter Kits are designed to test function and safety of charging stations mode 3 for AC charging. The Adapter Kit allows you to conduct tests in combination with appropriate test instruments like an installation tester (for example the Fluke 1664FC or Beha-Amprobe ProInstall Series).

• PE Pre-Test: With this safety feature the PE conductor can be tested for possible presence of dangerous voltage against earth.
• Proximity Pilot (PP) state “Cable Simulation”: With PP State rotary switch the adapter can simulate various current capabilities of charging cables.
• Control Pilot (CP) state “Vehicle Simulation”: With CP State rotary switch selector various charging states can be simulated.
• Simulation of CP error “E”
• Simulation of PE error (Earth fault)

Product information
• Suitable to vehicle charging stations with charging mode 3
• EV-connectors for type 2 and type 1
• Measuring terminals L1, L2, L3, N and PE to connect test device like installation tester to perform safety and functional tests.
• Terminals for CP signal output to check communication between adapter (=simulated electrical vehicle) and charging station.

Product highlights
• Separate phase indication by three LED lamps for easy check if voltage is present.
• Mains socket offering the possibility to connect an external load to check if the electric power meter works and counts in the right manner.
• IP 54 rating - Dust and splashing water protected

Included in KIT:
- EVA-500-F Test Adapter
- EVC-20 Test Cable for EV charging station type 2 with socket outlet or fixed cable with vehicle connector
- User Manual
- Soft Carrying Bag
- Type of mains outlet socket: French socket type E

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