Instrument Calibration

We offer a wide range of high quality calibration services.


  Electrical Calibration

We calibrate all makes and models of electrical testers ranging from hand held to bench top instruments including PAT Testers. 

Being the only calibration company in Ireland to have Fluke's state of the art 5320a Multi-product calibrators allows us to match or in many cases exceed the manufactures calibration such as Fluke, Megger, Kewtech etc, but for a lot less cost and downtime to you.

  Power Quality Analyser Calibration

Tracking the quality of power is critical to any business buying or using large amounts of electricity, Three Phase or Single Phase. Fluke, Dranetz, Megger and also customer designed units. We offer a full and comprehensive calibration report for your PQA and clamps. We can even customize the calibration to suit your needs.

 Temperature Calibration

We offer temperature calibration from -30 C to +1300 C covering a wide range of industries such as restaurants, catering, manufacturing, Industrial, pharmaceutical, healthcare etc..Infrared, insertion probes,thermocouples, surface, air probes and more...

 Torque Calibration

Whether it's a slip wrench, click wrench, Screwdriver, indicating wrench or torque clock we have you covered. From 4cNm to 600Nm CW & CCW. Learn more...

 KANE Gas Analyser Calibration

Partnering with KANE International Ltd allows us to offer you a one stop shop for Gas Analyser sales and calibration. We deal directly with KANE insuring you the quickest and most reliable services. Call us on +353 (0)1 450 9095 for more info.

 High / Low Voltage & Resistance Meters

Experts in High Voltage 10kV Megger/Ductor testers and Low Resistance testers. We also calibrate Hi-Pot testers. Our team have a huge amount of experience in high kV and low Ohms resistance calibration.

 Pressure Calibration

We calibrate a wide range of pressure gauges and hand held pressure meters from vacuum to 300 Bar (4000 psi). Our trained technicians can also offer you advice on sales and maintenance.

 Time Calibration

Leading the way in Ireland with one of the most accurate atomic clocks and techniques we provide timer calibration for Electronic timers, Stopwatches, Tachometers, Strobes & Universal meters.

 Dimensional Calibration

Offering linear calibration from 0 to 1200m & angular from 0 to 360 degrees allows us to cover all your requirements including Callipers, Height & Depth Gauges, Micrometers, Pin Gauges, Dial Gauges,Digital & Dial Protractors, Levels, Shims, Strait Edges, Parallels Squares etc.

 Scales & Balance Calibration

Gauges – Extension & Compression – Scales & Balances from 1gm up to 100kg for the medical, pharmaceutical & retail industries.