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KANE Gas Analyser Calibration

Partnering with KANE we can now offer you a fast and reliable gas analyser calibration, repair and sales solution.
Working closely with KANE we have we can offer you a quick turnaround time usually 6-8 working days or less.

Each gas analyser is calibrated by a qualified technician at KANE’s state of the art calibration laboratory in the UK. We return each analyser with a test report detailing the initial condition of the instrument received, faults found and actions taken to rectify them.

KANE 455 Calibration

Calibration & Recertification

Flue gas analysers will drift out of calibration - Kane’s annual calibration service tests your analysers functionality & adjusts it to specification. It is then rectified and and issued with a fully traceable calibration certificate to confirm your analysers performance.

Full Service, Calibration & Recertification

Our fixed price service & recertification includes:

  • Calibration & Recertification as above
  • Parts & labour on these replaceable parts as required:
    CO & CO2/O2 sensors, pump & battery
  • All internal tubing, water trap, particle & chemical filters

Parts not included as part of the fixed service costs are:

  • Optional fitted toxic cells, cases & probes


  • 6 to 8 Working day turnaround on average! Less downtime.
  • Loan analyser if required.
  • Collection & delivery anywhere in Ireland.
  • Fixed price servicing/recertification.
  • Order & replace parts.
  • Calibration reminder service.

Parts needed are also detailed. With our fixed pricing system all internal components (excluding optional toxic sensors) are included so there are no unexpected surprises to the repair bill. If on inspection, a fault is not found or the instrument is returned without the work being carried out, an examination fee will be charged.

What we do:
What we do:
  • KANE 100
  • KANE 425
  • KANE 250
  • KANE 251
  • KANE 255
  • KANE 450
  • KANE 455
  • KANE 456
  • KANE 457
  • KANE 900 Plus
  • KANE 905
  • KANE 945
  • KANE 9006
  • KANE 9106
  • KANE 9206