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Torque Calibration

We offer torque calibration from as low as 1 cNm (centi Newton meter) up to 600 nM (newton Meters).

This gives us the range to calibrate small handheld torque screw drivers all the way up to large slip, click & indicating wrenches.

Our years of experience has show us that torque tools given the fact that they are mostly driven by large (and small) springs do tend to drift out of specification quicker than other measurement tools – we have the expertise in house to adjust your tools back into spec and of course provide before and after results.

  • 4 Day turnaround on average! Less downtime.
  • Collection & delivery anywhere in Ireland
  • 24 hour emergency turn around at no extra cost!
  • Fluke Authorised Distributors
  • Calibration reminder service

Its traceable! Every instrument we calibrate is supplied with a calibration cert that is traceable to national & or international standards, each calibrated instrument is supplied with a calibration label and certificate of calibration. We hold a copy of your calibration certificate should you ever require a copy. Call us on +353 (0)1 450 9095 or drop us an email.