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IR Performance, Surprisingly Affordable, and Absolutely Brilliant.

01. Enhanced Thermal Clarity with SuperIR
Powered by HIKMICRO SuperIR image enhancement technology, it upscales thermal images from 96 × 96 (9,216 pixels) to 240 x 240 (57,600 pixels) resolution when viewing live with 25 Hz fast image frequency and capturing photos.
02. Dual-camera Thermal Imager
Built-in IR camera and visible camera, allow you to switch 3 image modes (Thermal, Visual, and Fusion). "Fusion" blends key details from a 0.3M Pixels visual camera to the IR image, adding extra detail and clarity.
03. 50° Wide Angle Lens
Scan large areas quickly with the 50° wide angle lens to find issues like air infiltration, water leaks, and insulation issues.
04. Rugged and Durable
Features IP54-rated form factor, passes strict drop tests up to 2 meters (6.56 feet) and comes with a three-year warranty.
05. Locate with Laser Pointer
Helps show the position of the center point on actual object.
06. 1-Click IR and Visual Image Storage
Saving visual and thermal images simultaneously in one click allows you efficient workflow and a fast inspection report.
07. 7 Color Palettes
Offers White Hot, Black Hot, Rainbow, Ironbow, Redhot, Fusion & Above Alarm 7 color palettes so you can choose the ideal color scale for your job.
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