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Surprisingly affordable, Absolutely Brilliant, and Fits in any Pocket.

01. Enhanced Thermal Clarity with SuperIR
Powered by HIKMICRO SuperIR image enhancement technology, it upscales thermal images from 96 × 96 (9,216 pixels) to 240 x 240 (57,600 pixels) resolution when viewing live with 25 Hz fast image frequency and capturing photos.
02. Dual-camera Thermal Imager
Built-in IR camera and visible camera, allow you to switch 5 image modes (Thermal, Visual, PIP, Fusion, and Blending). “Fusion” blends key details from a 0.3M Pixels visual camera to the IR image, adding extra detail and clarity. “Blending” blends partially transparent infrared and visible images into a single view and allows you to adjust the transparency. "PIP" overlays a fixed section of a thermal image onto a digital photo to clarify anomaly locations.
03. Portable Pocket-sized with Touch Screen
Easy to carry and hold. Perfectly fit in pockets and any toolboxes. View the details of your images on the large, intuitive LCD 3.5" touch screen.
04. Wireless Connectivity
Screen stream and download on-device images with Wi-Fi to your smartphone or tablet with HIKMICRO Viewer.
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